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At our Preschool

Learning Happens through

The Magic Of Pretend Play.

Little steps, big dreams,
Learning and growing with each role they play.
Imagination soars, unlocking doors unseen,
In pretend play’s embrace, they explore and glean.

Learning through

The Magic Of Pretend Play.

Little steps, big dreams,

Learning and growing with each role they play.

Imagination soars, unlocking doors unseen,

In pretend play’s embrace, they explore and glean.

The Squad Story

Our Kindergarten

Is A Magical Place Of

Imagination for Young Minds.

In the enchanting land of Chennai, where the waves whisper secrets and the sand shimmer like gold. There exists a preschool beyond imagination— Squad International. Here, the magic of pretend play intertwines seamlessly with theme-based learning. Each day, little explorers, scientists, and artists embark on grand adventures.

The children of Squad are guided by the core values of the land. They learn to be kind to one another, sharing their toys and lending a helping hand. Respect for their friends and teachers blossom as they listen and embrace diverse perspectives. They take responsibility for their actions, tidying up after their adventures and caring for the environment. Gratitude fill their hearts as they discover the wonders of the world around them.

We as parents believe in spending the rightful time with our kids to hear them talk, understand what they really like to do and guide them through to achieve their smallest wishes with confidence in the right way. They are the biggest contributors to our business and we certainly believe every child needs that encouragement and environment to be original contributors for a better and happy living conditions. With our passionate and qualified team of educators we are here to make a significant difference to your child’s learning journey to derive greatest value, make believe and fulfillment from their early childhood. 

Navin & Keerthi

Founder & Head of School

Vibrant Strokes of Learning

Who can join the Squad?

Yearly Program

PreKG Squad

Our dynamic Early Learning Program ignites young minds with a captivating blend of interactive experiences, hands-on activities, and stimulating lessons.
Tod Squad
Tod Squad

Monthly Program

Toddler Squad

Designed to foster joyful social interaction, imaginative play, and early skill development. Your child will explore, create, and connect in our enchanting Play Date Program.
Tod Squad

One Day Program

Mom/Dad & Me Squad

A program where parents and their little ones engage in interactive play, stimulating activities, and joyful learning experiences, fostering a strong foundation of love, connection, and early development.

Hourly to Monthly, Based on your need

Day Care Squad

Our nurturing daycare provides a safe haven for children, offering a warm and inclusive environment. Our experienced staff will help your baby cope with separation anxiety and make the transition to daycare much smoother.
Day Care

How our Preschool is different?

The Power of

Theme-Based Learning

Through the magic of Pretend play and theme based activities, we try to spark every child's Imagination, Creativity, Ignite Confidence , and foster Social-Emotional skills. More importantly, through Theme-Based Learning we focus on instilling core human values such as Kindness, Honesty, Gratitude, Respect etc.We love travelling with the child on every milestone, creating  lasting memories for the children and the Parents.


Through Pretend Play / Role Play we inspire Kindness, Empathy and Thoughtful Actions in Children.


Being respectful can foster positive relationships, build trust, promote effective communication, and create a harmonious environment.


Fostering a positive outlook, strengthening relationships and Appreciation.

Moral compass

Values help children make ethical choices, develop meaningful relationships, and navigate challenges with resilience.

Daily Kid's activities

Our Squad's Daily Drill

Sensorial Play

Sensorial Play in preschool engages children's senses, fostering exploration, creativity, and cognitive development through hands-on activities, textures, colors, sounds, and scents, enhancing sensory perception and building foundational skills for learning.

Litrerary Games

Literacy games for children are engaging activities designed to develop essential reading and writing skills. These games promote letter recognition, phonics, vocabulary building, spelling, and comprehension.

Story Telling

Storytelling sparks imagination and language development. Through enchanting narratives, interactive tales, children explore characters, settings and plots, fostering creativity and communication.

Art & Craft

Children delve into creative exploration, bringing themes to life through imaginative art projects. Children explore materials, develop fine motor skills, and unleash their imagination in a joyful artistic journey.

STEM Activities

Through playful exploration, children discover scientific concepts, develop observation skills, and cultivate a love for inquiry and discovery. They also enhance their understanding of the natural world by allowing children to explore and interact with real-life phenomena.

Role Play

Situational role play promotes social awareness, teamwork, and conflict resolution abilities in a fun and interactive way, as children explore various real-life scenarios and take on different roles.

Numeric Activities

Through engaging activities like counting, sorting, and shape recognition, children develop number sense, problem-solving abilities, and a love for mathematics, setting the stage for future learning and numerical fluency.


Rhymes inspire language skills and joy. Through rhythmic patterns, sound play, and repetition, children explore phonics, vocabulary, and language patterns. They develop phonological awareness and vocabulary

Nursery Squad line up

What Our Squad Looks Like

Meet the Squad leaders

Unlocking the Potential of Our Young Squad

Ella Stark

Lead teacher and 1-2 year olds

Harriet Bailey

Teacher: 2-3 year olds

Melinda Schiller

Teacher: 3-4 year olds

From the PArent squad


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